Logo for Dr Anna Clemens PhD who teaches scientific writing courses for researchers
Logo for Dr Anna Clemens PhD who teaches scientific writing courses for researchers

Want to join our team?

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We are currently not looking to hire more team members for the Researchers' Writing Academy...

…But we welcome Speculative applications!

If you would like to join the Researchers’ Writing Academy team and have a skill set and interest in business operations, customer service, online sales, online marketing, online community management or academic writing coaching, please send your cover letter and CV to: hello@annaclemens.com.

Who are we?

The Researchers’ Writing Academy is an online program for researchers in the health, physical, life, social and earth sciences helping them to get published in high-ranking journals without lacking structure in the writing process. We are a small and growing company founded and run by Anna Clemens, PhD, who is an Academic Writing Coach with a background in Chemistry.

We are passionate about our mission to make academia a MORE DIVERSE AND JOYFUL place by HELPING researchers succeed in their academic careers, no matter their background!

We value deep work and working with systems and processes. We prioritise our physical and mental health over working long hours and weekends. As a team, we strive to continually develop personally and professionally and value self-relection, initiative and direct communication. While we have ambitious goals, we are not afraid to make mistakes (they are an opportunity to grow!). We work in a solution- and data-oriented way instead of being drama-driven.

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